No one ever listens until it’s too late.

Aylan tbh……. i don’t like his name but im stuck with it

Ooh, I like the name, though. :’)
But yes, I feel you completely. :/

do you ever just give your chars working names until you come up with a better one and then you grow attached to them and the name just sticks?


c r y ,  c l a m o r ,  c r a s h   |   (listen)

for the swashbuckling pirate sailing the high seas, for his mysterious masked princess; for how they met under the stars. an instrumental mix.

and I’ll never be a lady, love,
i’ll always be beneath the light,
an outcast with a cutlass, love,
too fierce to kill, too brave to fight.

love, life and liberty. what more does a man need?

(for edenprimes, happy birthday dear! ♥) 

"…Wow," Ron added, blinking rather stupidly as Hermione came hurrying toward them.  "You look great!"

"Always the tone of surprise," said Hermione, though she smiled.