be strong, saith my heart;


Julien Macdonald Fall 2014

Backstage at Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2012

"A pleasure. Next time we shall speak of its grammar and personal hygiene."

God I missed having Alistair in my party he always gets shit on it’s so much fun.

shriek shriek it rhymes with weak


they’ll never invade her now a mix for rory gilmore 

after hours the velvet underground anthems for a seventeen-year-old girl broken social scene please please please let me get what i want (the smiths cover) she & him here comes your man pixies sennen ride i’ll try anything once (the strokes cover) haim you’re so great blur i wanna be adored the stone roses campus vampire weekend fluorescent adolescent arctic monkeys my favourite book stars half a person the smiths sugarstone peace pale blue eyes the velvet underground no surprises (radiohead cover) regina spektor falling haim


I’m done with the deep roads 


Anselm Kiefer -Die Überschwemmung Heidelbergs I, 1969


Saskia de Brauw & Kate by Boris Ovini for Exhibition Magazine #1

kill your heroes!! (listen)

it’s friday / saturday evening again and you feel kinda stupid because your friends are out and you’re not with them because of reasons. well, fuck that because you’re fabulous and you can make your own party in your room with music that makes you dance and sing and playing air guitar for no one but yourself because you’re awesome